Relief Funds

Marchador rescue fund
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe foundation intends to purchase and rehabilitate horses in need.   Where applicable, these Marchadors will be re-homed.   If you are interested in acquiring one of these horses, please contact the foundation to put your name on the waiting list.   Funds from the sales of rescued horses will be put back into the rescue fund for future situations that might arise.

Marchador Retirement Fund
netunoThis is an on-going fund that assures some older senior equine Marchadors get to live out their lives without worry.   Our preference is for the horses to stay with their current owners, but in the case of death or disability of the owner, often this is not possible.

You can fund this also in your will if you wish for us to take over the care of your prized Marchador in the case of death.   Contact us for specific agreements.

Disaster  Fund for Owners
IMG_2733Designed for owners and breeders of Marchador horses that suffer any tragic event, barn fire, flood, trailer accident or personal illness like cancer where the event and dollars affect the Marchador horses they own.