Every horse breed and  every horse owner sometimes needs funding.   In the case of disaster, it can be equine insurance, savings or a savior.   In the case of a lofty goal,  like the Olympics, it could be sponsors that are the providers.

Marchador gelding

We are a non-profit dedicated to the promotion and protection of the Mangalarga Marchador horse breed by helping people, horses and funding projects that benefit the breed.  We focus on two broad areas:
  • relief funds for rescues, retirements, disasters and special needs.
  • dream funds for scholarships, sponsorships and big goals.

We solicit ideas, projects and charities that involve the Mangalarga Marchador horse or the people who own them and help them fund their efforts, dreams and goals.

You can donate to the causes that you personally interest you,  or just give generally to the foundation.

Thank you.