Our funds are divided into 2 broad areas:
  1. Relief funds for Marchador horses or Marchador horse owners.
  2. Dream funds for big goals specializing in the Marchador breed
Examples of projects we might fund:

  • Rescue horses, or services to place Marchador horses that can no longer be cared for (death, illness, lameness) in good “forever” homes.
  • Disaster recovery fund for owners and breeders (fire, flood, other life catastrophe)
  • Scholarships ¬†or funding for natural horse care education and for Brazilian Marchador trainers to come to North America.
  • Mangalarga Marchador Super Goals, like to ride in the Tevis Cup, get to KY Horse Park or another BIG ambitious goal.
  • Other equine projects, charities or therapy groups, especially if they use Mangalarga Marchadors