Dream funds

This page will change as specific projects are added and funded.   We will set a target budget and collect money for the project until fully funded.   ANY dream will be considered!   We will be developing submission guidelines in the future.   For now, just contact us if you have a dream!

Dream Project #1   Get a Mangalarga Marchador showing at Kentucky Horse Park.

IMG_3137This is a season-long display of breeds that would increase the public awareness and knowledge of the breed.   There is no charge once the horse is accepted by the Park, which is a well-attended tourist attraction.   However, selecting, training and transporting the horse would be necessary funding.   (The Park does not accept stallions).  The training would be gait, plus some specialty like driving,  working equitation, mounted archery.   The budget for this project is $5,000.


Scholarship Fund

artemis.getulio3The application process will be defined in the coming months.  Scholarship amounts start at $500.

Scholarships can be created and named for you or in memory of a loved one or pet if you wish to set up a one-time or perpetual scholarship.   In doing so, you may also stipulate your own criteria for awarding the money.