Creating the M Foundation

By Lynn Kelley, founding member

Scottsdale Arab showThe M Foundation has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I have watched and seen situations where a fine horse or owner falls on hard times, where an older horse goes unwanted and where a death in the family leaves one of the precious Marchadors unwanted. But, while it was needed, there was no sense of urgency and something always came up that put this effort on the back burner.

So what happened? It became more personal and more frequent. If you love the Marchador breed as I do, then I must act and I must try to make a difference. With news that we were starting up, we received 2 unsolicited donations, even before we launched the website! Off to a great start, I would say.

But, the work is daunting. Most of the funds will need substantial amounts of money to make a difference. The plan is to post each fund with a description and a monthly update of the funds raised. Some projects, like rescues, will have a budget goal, but some, like disaster relief fund for a barn fire will distribute whatever amount is raised, big or small.

We are off and running!    501-3C tax status is being applied for, but is not granted as of yet.   Please be aware that, at this moment, it is not guaranteed that your donations will be tax-deductible.

The Mangalarga Marchador is the ultimate Brazilian Saddle Horse. Rare here in North America, many of the horses here were imported at considerable cost and represent a genetic treasure for the success and viability of the breed.

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