M Foundation Grant Approved for EMS Research

The M Foundation Board considered 2 applications this week! Great news for the Marchador that we are able to help! 

ineed2 One application was funded to help a horse and continue EMS research. The applicant is the owner of a rescued, starved Marchador that has recovered, but now is diagnosed with EMS. EMS is a metabolic syndrome that the Marchador, along with other breeds like the Andalusians, Morgans and ponies are prone to. When a metabolic prone horse is starved their system becomes unbalanced, so that when the starved horse recovers and weight reaches normal, the metabolic system says to keep storing fat. Thus a pattern of Equine Metabolic Syndrome is born.

This Marchador has been diagnosed with this syndrome. His leptin levels are 3 times normal as discovered via blood work analysis done at Cornell University 2.5 months ago. The treatment is medication and exercise with strict food intake management. Some of the side effects of this syndrome are: excessive weight gain,excessive thirst, fatigue, always feeling hungry, excessive urination, and a poor immune system.

The bloodwork and the treatment are expensive, and the study results will benefit all of the Marchador community.

The vet helping this horse will be looking for other horses to study with similar backgrounds – whether they be a Marchador or not.

Please consider donating to help fund this project and more like it in the future!

We make a difference!